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Shutterstock Email Module System

Dan Black
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Dan Black

The vision, maintenance, deployment, debugging and development of the email module system was an ongoing project as part of my duties at Shutterstock as a CRM Manager.

I worked with UX, graphic designers, CI/CD engineers and marketing stakeholders to develop a module system that could be extended and themed with variable definitions within the Oracle Responsys marketing platform.

The module system was baked into a build sheet written in Google Scripts which connected the Responsys API with a Github/Jenkins powered deployment.

This project was challenging in a number of ways. Shutterstock had a history of hodge podge production lines and getting stakeholders to use the system at times took convincing, though many were excited to use it. Another challenge was that the CRM platform Responsys did not natively support staging environments. To make changes on a module's code could adversely effect live emails if there weren't a development and qa environment to stage to. I used a prefixing and pathing solution integrated with Jenkins and Github branches to ensure code quality.

The system supported two base themes (light and dark) and three brands initially.

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